"We are excited about participating in Encore&#39s agricultural plastic recycling program. It offers us the unique opportunity to avoid sending approximately 135 tons of agricultural plastic to the landfill. We anticipate that participating in the program will result in significant cost savings."
– Thomas Flewell
Dole Berry Company
"Until now, we’ve struggled to find a recycler large enough to handle the discarded farm plastic we use every year in the Salinas Valley. Encore&#39s new state-of-the-art plant is just what we need to help us find a sustainable solution and improve our environment."
– Casey Bassetti
Red Blossom Strawberries
"Encore&#39s new Salinas plastics recycling plant will help us divert several million pounds of irrigation lines, PE fumigation, and bed mulching films. They will take the recycling process full circle in diverting material away from landfills and instead making usable products out of it."
– Joe DaRosa, Ramco
"Encore Recycling will be a big help to our company, the local community, and the environment. We are excited to be part of such a common sense, yet impactful business solution to a problem that needed to be addressed."
– Paul Frost, Pacific Gold Farms

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